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Shampoo and Bath Foam Making Machine  

Shampoo and Bath Foam Making Machine


Along with improvement of people’s life, the shampoo, bath foam, detergent, hand sanitizer and the liquid washing-powder are widely used in people’s life. They are necessary in each family and each restaurant or hotel. These productions have a large number of demands in the market and a perfect future prospect.


With effort of our engineer, our company has developed a kind of small and multifunctional chemical machine which can produce all productions of shampoo, bath foam, detergent, hand sanitizer and liquid washing-powder. You can produce all these productions with different formulas by the same machine. Our shampoo and the bath foam making machine can make all products of good quality with low cost price, and these products are popular by the worldwide people.


We will train you the complete technique and technology to make all the products after you purchase our machine, and we will also supply the most popular and the most advanced formula for you at the same time.

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