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Plastic Bag Making Machine  

Plastic Bag Making Machine

1. Plastic bag machine is controlled by computer.
2. To make shopping bag, food bags, T-shirt bag and garbage bag etc.
3. Economic, stable, safe
4. Quality and large output
5. Bags of all kind of colors and sizes


1. This type of machine is suitable for processing flat-end and waistcoat bags with tub-size films of HDPE, LDPE in primal color or colors.
2. The character of this type is that reduce the phenomena of pulling to much for the healing of film bags while the machine is working.
3. There are two styles of electrical machine to support, one is step-in electrical machine controlled by computer or the other is imported servo machine.
4. Electronic eyes follow the sign of colorful film, which keep the location of words and pictures more exactly.
5. The setup of length and speed are controlled by the computer which keeps the waste much less and operate much more easily.
6. It is accompanied with the automatic functions of carrying materials, sealing and cut, counting, sending out and alarm, etc.
7. We can also supply the plastic film making machine and printing machine (to print logo of your company and designs you like on the bag).

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