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chalk machine

Chalk Machine
We can make chalk machine in our factory. The chalk machine can make chalks with high efficiency. This machine can make kinds of chalks: such as chalk with fragrance, dustless chalk and color chalk. The chalk that is made by this kind of machine has slick surface.
The main stuff for making chalk is Plaster of Paris which is easy and cheap to buy.  At the same time, we can make you the chalk box according to your demand, for example, 50 pcs/box, 100 pcs/box, etc. the box can be printed with the information of your company including the company name, address, telephone number and your company logo, etc.  

      The capacity of type A chalk machine is 10000 pcs per hour.
      The capacity of type B chalk machine is 20000 pcs per hour.
      The capacity of type C chalk machine is 40000 pcs per hour.
      The capacity of type D chalk machine is 50000 pcs per hour.

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