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sachet packing machine  
This machine applies to packing of some liquids, such as soy sauce, vinegar, fruit juice, milk, mineral water and purified water, etc.
Besides, this machine uses PE films of 0.08mm which get disinfection by the ultraviolet light before packing, according with the requirements of food sanitation. The whole process is automatic, including PE film molding, sachet making, constant filling, ink printing, and sealing and cutting, etc.
Technical parameters of sachet packing machine:
Production efficiency: 2000 bags/h
Packing mass limits: 200-500 g/bag
Filling accuracy: ±1.5%/bag
Film dimensions:  thickness: 0.08mm,  width: 320mm(240mm)
Power supply: 220V/380V 50Hz
Whole machine power: 1.2Kw
Total weight: 350kg
Overall dimensions: 1057×750×1850mm
Mechanism and characters of sachet packing machine:
This full-automatic liquid packing machine, the process parts of which are all made of stainless steel, adopts high level balance tank or self-priming pump quantitative filling, directly-heated cutting and sealing, date of manufacture ribbon printing, and photoelectric tracking.
Moreover, the adjustments of sachet sizes, packing weight, and sealing and cutting temperature is convenient and reliable.
About the seal type of this machine, you have two choices: edge sealing or back sealing.

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